Marion Rauschenbach

Patent attorney, Graduate engineer, Partner


Degree in process engineering and silicates technology at Bergakademie Freiberg with the qualification of graduate engineer.  

Degree in intellectual property protection at Humboldt University Berlin with the qualification of specialist engineer in intellectual property law.

Research engineer at an institute in the glass industry in Radebeul.

Active for many years in the field of intellectual property protection at a research institute at the academy of sciences in Dresden.

Since 1992, self-employed as a patent attorney focussing on patent, trademark, licensing and employee inventor law and contract law in connection with intellectual property protection.  

Patent attorney, European patent attorney, European trademark attorney.


Marion Rauschenbach has specialist scientific/technical knowledge in the following fields:

  • Process engineering and silicates technology
  • Industrial ceramics
  • Functional ceramics
  • Materials sciences
  • Mechanical, apparatus and plant engineering
  • Materials testing
  • Coating technologies
  • Nanotechnology
  • Polymer chemistry
  • Chemical engineering
  • Biotechnology