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Welcome to Rauschenbach Patentanwälte


As we have our office in Dresden, which has always been a hot spot for inventiveness in Saxony and Germany, as patent attorneys we feel bound by this tradition and we look forward to working with you at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity in your specialist technical field and to being able to support you in all your endeavours.

We consider ourselves to be a bridge between your technical innovations and the different legal framework conditions and patent authorities around the world so that you, your company, Saxony and Germany can translate your wealth of ideas into economic success too.

To do this, make full use of our knowledge, experience and know-how.
We can’t wait to start working together with you.


Context Column

Those who invent nothing come to nothing. Those who patent nothing gain nothing.”

Erich Otto Häußer (1930-99), German lawyer, 1976-95 President of the German Patent Office.